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The Westernstrss

Did you know that there is an acupuncture treatment called the Western?

I had a patient that was having pain due to the stress in their work life and it spilled over into their home life. PAIN…caused by stress? Yikes! That is a scary sign…what’s next?

This patient said, “I don’t have stress.” So then, I asked them about their day and they told me, “I am sick of stupid people. I was so mad at my sales person that I threw him out.” I said, THAT’S STRESS! Most people do not throw people out of their offices; most people discuss it and develop a solution.”

stress-eggsIt amazes me that some people do not know that their body is reacting to stress, or realize that their stress may be the cause of their pain, poor sleep, decreased energy or lack of joy in life.

This treatment was developed because so many of us Westerners complain about the same health issues: feeling irritable, stressed out, anxious, can’t sleep, headaches, decreased energy, digestive issues, motivation, weight gain, and on and on.

Very few of us take the time to rest our minds and bodies. We are constantly on the go, and always trying to achieve more, have more, and learn more at the price of our health.

Here are some lifestyle changes that can have a huge effect on how your body reacts to stress:

  • Improving your diet
  • Learning techniques to improve your relationshipsstress-smile
  • Exercising
  • Getting Better sleep

This all sounds great, but how do you start?

Start by balancing out your central nervous system, strengthening your adrenal glands, boosting your immunity, and decreasing the inflammation in your body with…

The Western!

Within 4 acupuncture treatments, you will be feeling as if the edge  has been taken off, you will have mental clarity, be sleeping better, and you will have the energy to exercise!

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