Top 5 Nourishing Fall Foods



Autumn is the season associated with the Metal element which is governed by the Lung Meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Metal element governs the mind, organization, order, and stability. As autumn arrives, we tend to turn inward toward our work, our families, and our homes during this time. During this season we begin to organize and prepare for the winter season ahead and it is a time to reflect on our lives.

The Lung Meridian governs over our respiratory system, skin, hair, body fluid metabolism, blood circulation, and immune system. Emotionally, this is the season associated with grief and sadness. It is important to keep the mind clear and “let go” of negative emotions, which can impact health during the autumn. The Lung is a Yin meridian and needs to be nourished strongly during this season to keep balance.

Each Meridian has a corresponding paired Meridian. The Lungs and Large Intestine are in charge of respiration, digestion, and elimination. Lung and Large Intestine imbalances can cause health conditions with respiratory problems, such as asthma, shortness of breath, frequent colds, and sinus infections, as well as constipation and skin problems. Our emotional self can also be affected by these meridians.

During autumn you want to keep these meridians strong and the Qi moving through. To keep these meridians from having imbalances here is a useful food therapy tip!

Foods to increase during autumn:

Apple -Banana – Beets – Bell pepper -Bok Choy – Broccoli – Brussels sprouts – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Cinnamon – Cranberry – Figs – Garlic – Ginger – Grapes – Horseradish – Leeks Pears – Persimmons – Plums – Pomegranate – Pumpkin – Red cabbage – Rosemary- Sage Spinach – Thyme – Whole grains – Wild rice – Winter squash – Yam

During autumn you want to eat fewer cold, uncooked foods. Switch from salads to soups and steamed vegetables. Eat moist foods that will nourish the Yin of your body.

These are the top five Yin nourishing foods:

1. Pork

2. Duck

3. Pears

4. Egg yolks

5. Honey

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