Sliding Cupping…

Ever wonder about sliding cupping…watch this video of Nikki Vanecek performing it on Tim Bowers of Anytime Fitness Mound.


Fire Cupping

Learn all about cupping!  You’ve seen it at the Olympics, now watch this video and then experience it firsthand with Nikki Vanecek.



Acupuncture for back pain…

Watch this video and see Nikki give Tim Bowers, of Anytime Fitness Mound, an acupuncture treatment to help with sudden onset back pain.

Want to hear more about Acupuncture as it relates to fertility?


In this media clip, Nichi Hirsch Kuechle of Healthy Beginnings interviewed  Nikki Vanecek of TCM Wellness Clinic.  The topic of the interview is Natural Fertility through Acupuncture.

To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.


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